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Bill Gates said that by the end of 2002 there will be only two kinds of businesses:
"those with an Internet presence, and those with no business at all."

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Beaver Creek IT Consulting
P O Box 65
Thompson Falls, Montana 59873

Our Mission:

To provide absolutely the very best information technology services to our client base.

Company Profile:

We are professionals in information technology with over 40 years of quality designs and implementations. We offer Website Management, Design, Development, and Implementation; eBay Listings and Sales; Publishing Services; Computer Repair and Technical Assistance; Computer and Software Training; and DSL Installations and Support. Our primary focus is on Sanders County businesses and cottage industries requiring ecommerce sites. We will submit your website to search engines, monitor site visits, make recommendations, prepare marketing reports, enhance and improve your opportunities for visibility to the internet community and update your site on an ongoing basis. We are "Graduates of the University of Silicon Valley, School of High Tech Trailblazers".


Basic Fee Structure:

Website design, implementation and management, including 2 months post bring-up changes: $600 for first three landing pages. Additional pages $100 each depending on complexity. Includes design, development, photo editing, publishing, and submission.

E-Commerce sites: $200 set up for up to 25 items using our processing tools,. Includes collecting payments via PayPal and credit card at 10% of selling price for each item. Additional items and ongoing management quoted separately.

Search Engine Optimization including developing keywords, resubmission to search engines, and statistical information before and after
completion: $250 one time charge.

Regular website page update and shopping cart updates: $35 per hour (web ready photography and business consultations quoted separately).

Websites are generally $25 a year for domain name and 100 MB of storage. A 5 year agreement can be as low as $18.00 per year paid in advance through

Computer services and repairs: $75 plus cost of parts.

eBay listing fees approximately are 22% of sale price all inclusive.  Automobile listings: $25 preparation, appropriate eBay fees and 6% of down payment. We will collect down payments.
We provide turnkey service, appraisal, listing, negotiations and shipping.

We will train and build your eBay Stores for $35 an hour.



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The Internet Kitchen
Located behind the Barber Shop on Main Street in Thompson Falls

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Click Here:  Sanders County Radio
Presenting Sanders County, Montana to the World.
Our goal is to share our beautiful county with visitors and to grow businesses through use of the internet.
Belknap, Dixon, Hot Springs, Heron, Noxon, Paradise, Plains, Thompson Falls, Trout Creek, (and parts beyond) Montana.

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Contact Information:

Internet Kitchen
PO Box 65
Thompson Falls, Montana 59873

Phone: 406-827-9434
Cell: 406-827-2127

email: Beaver Creek Consultants

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Check out the, We are an eBay PowerSeller, Member is a PowerSeller Get fast shipping and excellent service from Top-rated sellers. Helping to grow our local economy. Sanders County Mall, Montana is an eBay store for locals to buy and sell new and used items. With over $15,000 in sales we appraise, list, and train on the use of eBay at rates that accommodate our economy.


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